MILO Back in Full Force with “Dangerous”

5 out of 5 Stars


Carlos Peterson, Sports Editor

Stop being fat. Stop being poor. Stop being ugly. It’s time for your liberal arts prescribed triggering self-realization. In the world of Milo Yiannopoulos the greatest feeling you can get is from getting under the skin of those whose blinding self-righteousness is fragile enough to trigger every ounce of their being. Yiannopoulos has been called everything from the “world’s greatest troll” to the “most fabulous super villain on the internet.” Going so far as self-proclaiming his identity as the “Dangerous Faggot,” Milo has created quite the niche among a wave of brash rhetoric.

After the scrutiny of his comments made on a late night podcast regarding pedophilia this past February, Milo lost his book deal with well-known publisher Simon and Schuster. Undeterred and fabulous as ever, Yiannopoulos returns, self-publishing his rejected book, “Dangerous.” Perhaps the most gripping political book I’ve read in quite some time, Yiannopoulos brings a charisma and wittiness that only he can. Milo’s cut throat opinions and subtle jabs that we all have come to know and love encompasses a greater shift, one that represents the new counter culture in America. No longer being okay with overwhelming political correctness to the point of it being ridiculous.

“Dangerous” consistently delves into the hypocrisy of mainstream media as well as the falsehoods fed to the public. Milo himself denounces the credibility of news outlets that people have subscribed to for decades, letting them know that despite being called everything under the sun by those in the media who simply cannot stand him, they’re wrong. The next venture Milo covers is the censorship and fragility of social media as the well-known banning of his Twitter account was an attempt to keep conservative ideology off their online medium. He calls out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his left wing beliefs and how his decision to ban his account as well as other conservative figures from the website was an act of hypocrisy. Milo would leave no one out of his rampage.

Other things such as the plight and cancerous nature of feminism to the selective outrage of Black Lives Matter are topics where Milo pulls no punches saying that they are counterintuitive to the progress in America. The former tech blogger has risen to a stratosphere of fame that so many envy and despise. His free speech fundamentalism and unwillingness to waiver on anything he says is enjoyable and entertaining.  Hopefully this is a start to an unbelievable career.