McGuire calls out critics, mentions “assault” on Birt

Trustee admonishes outside watchdog groups, defends administration

Joash Mencias, Editor-in-Chief

Trustee Dianne McGuire
Trustee Dianne McGuire

In a sweeping rebuke of recent criticism from outside groups, College of DuPage Trustee Dianne McGuire called for the end of “vicious, unwarranted attacks” on the administration.

During the Nov. 20 board of trustees meeting, McGuire blamed “extremist, right-wing ideologues” for feeding “misinformation” in an attempt to discredit the college. McGuire specifically called out outside political groups For the Good of Illinois and Edgar County Watchdogs for inciting attacks on COD.

McGuire also vaguely mentioned a “personal attack” on board of trustees Chair Erin Birt received Thursday, which she cited as part of the reason why she spoke out at the meeting.

“The most recent personal assault today on our chair Erin Birt, is the tipping point for me,” McGuire said. “Constructive criticism is valid and welcome, but personal attacks — never.”

The trustee also defended college President Robert Breuder.

“Despite the criticism he has received, and some of it earned, he is the most remarkable leader who has accomplished many, many good things at this college,” McGuire said.

McGuire said Breuder’s desire for a new teaching and learning center, which was heavily criticized, was not concocted purely in an attempt to secure $20 in state funding.

“The preposterous assertion that we would create a need for the $20 million…is absolutely false,” McGuire said.

McGuire went on to rebut recent revelations regarding excessive spending on dining, among other things. McGuire also listed various accomplishments of the college, including increased enrollment.

McGuire ended her remarks by appealing to community members to voice out their support for COD and to prepare for the upcoming trustee elections in the spring.

“I sincerely hope that reasonable people will come forward to reassert their commitment to COD and to push back,” McGuire implored. “It is time to stand up for this community’s college and pay attention for the upcoming trustee elections.”