Marilyn Manson Allegations Update #3


Photo by Andreas Lawen

Cody Wagner, Entertainment Writer

Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson continues to tread on thin ice as the case against him following allegations of sexual misconduct, rape, assualt, harassment, and even human trafficking as the case continues to be thoroughly investigated and processed. Manson has agreed to turning himself into authorities following an assault incident at a concert in New Hampshire in 2019. This was soon followed up with another allegation from a former girlfriend the artist once shared a romance with for quite some time. With the investigation leading into court hearings the process of the situation is gradually increasing as more and more victims come forth, placing Manson in a very difficult and possibly life-changing situation that could further affect his status as not only a professional and influential musician but as an individual as well leaving many to question his future in rock and roll. 

On Oct. 8, 2019, Gilford Police department in New Hampshire issued an arrest warrant for Manson due to an assault charge. The charge came from a fellow fan who saw Manson’s performance at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in August of that year. Manson did not take action in settling this dispute until June 28 when he finally agreed to turn himself into the Los Angeles Police Department  

  (LAPD) for further processing. Manson is currently facing two counts of Class A Misdemeanor Simple Assault. Gilford police are allowing the LAPD to take hold of the case as their department prosecutor plans to transfer the warrant to a detective in the LAPD along with Manson’s cooperation as well. Gilford Police Chief, Tony Bean Burpee, made a public statement regarding Manson’s cooperation

“We have been in a holding pattern,” Burpee said in a statement. “We are simply looking for Mr. Warner to turn himself in on the active warrant so that we can proceed.” while also adding “If Mr. Warner turns himself in within the next few weeks, his initial appearance/arraignment will likely be scheduled for mid-August.” (USA today par. 4 and 6) If faced with convictions, Manson could serve less than one year in jail while also having to pay a $2,000 fine. 

This form of punishment is definitely controversial in nature as many wonder whether the famed individuals are receiving more leeway then what should be adequate given in terms of punishment. 

 Putting COVID-19 into consideration Burpee also said that due to the backup in many local courts from the outbreak, the trial could start as late as next year depending on the number of local courts in action.  This is a big step especially for Manson as his interpretation of this whole situation has reduced to a simple statement denying the now four claims of misconduct and abuse against the artist. I am curious to see the trial process throughout the duration of this case and whether or not Manson will have adequate evidence and believable evidence in his defense. It’s also funny to see him back in his early days from watching interviews, concerts, and even rare footage. He was never afraid to back down from a fight and always stood up for individuality. Relating to this case it seems as though he has just veered his way out of the attention, as though he is hiding from the whole situation. It will be very interesting to witness this case unfold as lawyers from both sides evaluate the situation and look to find any solutions that involve either a reduced fine or jail time as one side believes that Manson’s interactions with these victims was purely consensual and appropriate while the other aims to ensure justice to those who have been continuous victims of abuse by yet another one of entertainment’s most power hungry players. Nothing has been set in stone yet and no confirmations have been reported of Manson officially turning himself into authorities as no affirmative action has taken place yet. 

Alongside the possible surrender, Manson also faced another allegation from another old girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline whose stories of abuse and manipulation, started it all. After a three year debatable romance with Manson that started in 2010 and ended in 2013, the model finally filed a lawsuit against the musician accusing Manson of rape, human trafficking, and lawful inprisonment followed by years of manipulation and emotional diestress. According to Smithline their relationship was steady in the beginning as Manson became intrigued at her newfound passion for acting as well as her personality. Through this Manson invited her to L.A. to help in finding herself while also abruptly asking her to move in with him. Smithline accepted the offer and had a temultual relationship with him in the following years. Sadly, this relationship soon turned from romantic to horrific as Smithline reported that she was constantly abused by the musician physically, sexually, and emotionally. In the “People Magazine” interview she conducted with the publication this year Smithline states “There’s a difference between waking up to someone having sex with you nicely in the morning and waking up tied up with someone having sex with your unconscious body, being tied up and screaming and not enjoying it, and him laughing, like, sadistically, or gagging my mouth or something.” This was also followed up with stories of threats made against Smithline if she didn’t cooperate or decided to leave Manson. She  also claimed to have been subjected to physical abuse of a sexual nature as Manson would include knives in his sexual exploits in cutting the young model to the point of bleeding. Adding onto this is another story of assault that involved Manson choking her as he forced her onto a bed and placed a pillow on her head. This, along with biting and  branding are just some of the explicit and horrendous claims made against Manson at this time as Smithline feels as though her truth and story need to be told in order for justice to prevail and evil to be extinguished. 

With this case progressing further week by week and from analyzing this case, I personally still cannot conceive or analyze such a situation. I feel sympathy for the victims as their tales of treachery and abuse have impacted me on both a humanistic and emotional level. Alongside this there is the saying “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” and despite already having numerous allegations be presented to the public, proper evidence and honest affidavits are needed in order to convict a popularized individual such as Manson leaving many to wonder whether or not another one of entertainment’s most impactful figures will get a lighter form of treatment considering his position and money he has obtained throughout his career. Both fans of Manson and supporters for the victims have clashed it out on social media and in the Courier’s newsletter as well making this story one that will definitely continue leading to a yet undermined conclusion. 

 But I want readers to remember that whatever the outcome, whether it’s agreed or not, we must respect both each other and our opinion’s. I understand that this story sparks much debate and outrage. I simply ask as a writer and journalist that each commenter respects one another’s opinions regarding this case so that bitter arguments that incite aggressive attitudes be turned into sensible and appropriate disagreements where both sides can honestly express their opinion in a non-confrontational fashion.

More updates will continue as this story progresses

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