Manson Fires Back at Former Assistant

The 53-year-old shock rocker requests judge to dismiss former assistant’s abuse lawsuit against him.


“Marilyn Manson @ Soundwave 2012” by laubarnes is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Cody Wagner, Staff Writer

On April 12, Brian Hugh Warner AKA shock rocker Marilyn Manson asked L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern to dismiss former assistant Ashley Walter’s amended abuse lawsuit against him. Recent court documents state that Walter’s claims of abuse went past the state’s statute of limitations as they were presented decades after the alleged acts of abuse. Prior to, on March 11, Stern requested Walter’s legal team file an amended lawsuit to better fit within California’s statute of limitations.

In the amended suit, Walter claims that an email was sent to her on Jan. 7 stating that legal action would follow if she participated in any interviews regarding the allegations. This also extended to any participation in fellow accuser Evan Rachel Wood’s documentary “Phoenix Rising.” Walter’s initial legal battle began in May 2021 with a formal lawsuit against the shock rocker for alleged acts relating to sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual battery and intention infliction of emotional distress 

The document, obtained by Deadline, accuses Manson of forcing her to work two days straight through fear of recurring violent and angry episodes Manson had allegedly enacted during the time. Walter also accused Manson of forcing her onto his friends and associates in the industry.

Firing back at the amended suit, Manson’s legal team quickly took action. According to documents from Manson’s legal team that were obtained by Insider 

“Plaintiff’s SAC (second amended complaint) fails because each of her causes of action are outside the applicable statute of limitations by nearly a decade,” Manson’s attorneys wrote. “Plaintiff has had three opportunities to plead her case, but it is obvious that neither the delayed discovery rule, equitable estoppel, nor her creative writing skills cannot revive her expired claims.” 

The documentation also provided insight into the delayed discovery argument

“Plaintiff’s reliance on the delayed discovery rule, which was created to protect young children who were too young and naïve to understand the nature of the abuse they had suffered, is borderline offensive, as well as misplaced and insufficient given the facts alleged by Plaintiff in her various complaints,” Manson’s attorneys wrote. 

Alongside Walters, Manson’s team also filed complaints against Wood and her partner, Illma Gore, prior to the release of “Phoenix Rising.” This is all done on Manson’s belief that Wood and Gore fabricated and falsified evidence as a coordinated attack to diminish the rocker’s personal and professional life. Manson’s legal team are claiming other alleged victims are out to do the same as he faces lawsuits from Ashley Smithline and Esme Bianco with similar cases of alleged abuse and personal torment which are still pending in the legal process.

Both Manson and his attorneys continue to deny any and all allegations made against him, urging the judge to once again deny Walter’s amended claim.