Killing people with kindness is, surprisingly, an option

“Undertale” is a game for any player


Bethany Berg, Photo Editor

Games, alike movies, books and anything with a plot, after a while, become predictable. They all – to a point – follow the same plotline routes, easily seen in superhero or horror movies. They all start out by establishing the story, continuing with scenes leading up to the big reveal or plot twist, then slowly wane the story down before either ending or repeating the same system again.

The first time I played “Undertale,” I wasn’t five minutes into it when I realized that it was totally unlike anything I’d seen or played before, and that I couldn’t trust anything I was seeing.

“Undertale” has a classic RPG (Role-Playing Game) mechanic to it, with multiple dialogue and action options, and wouldn’t be complete without fights. Lots and lots of fights. But if you think the battles would be easy to get through just because it looks like a retro platform, you’d be completely off target. The battles are hard. In my experience, some took more than several tries to get through. Others I barely got off with the smallest bit of health left. You’ll be surprised at the scraped-by-the-end-of-my-teeth lengths you’ll go through to move forwards. But don’t be afraid to run, if need be. Remember that.

It was the charming personality of the game that kept me interested, along with it’s other traits: eerie, unpredictable and impressionable. It’s the king of game that leaves a lasting impact even after the game is said and done. As the player, you enact your own way of playing the game, as the set pace and story depend on morals that reflect off your attitudes and actions continuously throughout gameplay.

The thing that makes the game its range of players. “Undertale” isn’t just for advanced RPG players, it’s for everyone. The controls are easy; the style of the game is classy, easy to comprehend and enjoy. If you’ve got ten bucks, a computer, and a taste for unlikely adventure, “Undertale” is the ride for you.