Killer Cuts: Album Review

The Chats get fucked in the best way possible


Antonio Llanos, Staff Writer

In a nostalgic, eclectic explosion of anger, melodies and Australian angst, The Chats, punk trio from down under, give a stellar 13-track sophomore effort.  “Get Fucked” is immersive, more than just another vinyl that collects dust among the other records on your shelf. 

“Get Fucked” is receptive of the punk rock pioneers drawing clear and stylistic influences from the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, The Ramones, even pulling from Hardcore legends Agent Orange.  “Struck by Lightning” being the first single standing out amongst the 13 tracks of this album within the chorus, main vocalist Eamon Sandwith accompanies with his fellow punk rockers in the band, implement rage filled doo-wops and put forth fast paced rhythms paired with nostalgic melodies.  The track comes to life in the first two rhythmic counts of the actual song, reinvigorating classic riffs out of the genre and modernizing them with new, experimental twists is which The Chats shine.  

“Panic Attack”, another outstanding track not only for its implementation of experimental chord structures, but highlights The Chats bridge the 40 year gap and hold up to the pioneering punk bands who came before them.   While times have changed, the issues remain and “Panic Attack” persists, with an interactive heart-beat structure and aligning tempo and rhythm with that of a racing heartbeat and mimicking the sensation of a panic attack.  Guitars constantly chug in time and one is warped into the anxiety driven experience with aggressive Australian angst to accompany.       

Songs like “Ticket Inspector” and “I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub in Brisbane,” highlight the band’s more experimental tones, combining classic punk sounds with experimental grooves.  The Chats get fucked in the best way possible, changing tempo mid-song and grooving to more accessible sounds.  

Overall If you are a classic punk who is looking to irradiate the commercialized sound and throw back to a more classic, foundational sound, then you need to “Get Fucked” up to the Chats…

I will give this album a 5/5.