Jones vs The NFL’s Iron Fist


Carlos Peterson, Editor-In-Chief

Power is a finite entity in this country. Understandably, people will do anything to hold onto the small amounts they have. Jerry Jones, however, is no stranger to possessing power and influence in the world of sports. But to go up against arguably the most powerful man in sports, he’ll need all the power he can get. After Jones’ openness about his disdain for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as well as the unwarranted six-game suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, the league is suing him for the legal fees needed for the appeal process of Elliott’s suspension. A line must be drawn. Goodell should not be allowed to be continually incompetent in the interdisciplinary action of the league. Jones is completely validated in the criticism of Goodell.

The Dallas Cowboys, the poster child of dysfunction, have been the target of yet another Goodell power trip. Elliott was wrongly suspended for a domestic violence case where he was not criminally charged and was found to not have substantial case to proceed. The NFL had even come to the conclusion that the woman in question was in fact lying. Goodell’s unprecedented iron fist of discipline has led to resentment among the various franchises around the league. This should be the start of gearing away from Goodell being the singular decision maker in discipline. A move towards a delegated board solely to decide disciplinary action by the league would be a solution.

With all that in mind, the notion that Jones should be legally obligated to cover the legal fees of the league is asinine. Once Elliott had won his first appeal, Goodell made a petty crusade against the Cowboys running back. Jones, while he has had his moments of little self awareness, is doing something that needs to be done – holding the league accountable for blatant mistakes. Goodell is imperfect. He’s put that on display several times. Ray Rice getting suspended two games for punching his girlfriend unconscious was one of note. The smear campaign against Tom Brady following deflate gate comes to mind as well.

Several missteps have cost the NFL in terms of credibility and sincerity. Goodell has done some great things as commissioner. However, messing with the most powerful owner in the league could prove to be a horrible mistake. It seems insignificant now, but Jones may be spearheading change in the league in the very near future.