From Sound to Image: “Beastie Boys Story”

Apple Tv’s music doc explores the lifelong journey of three friends who inspired themselves, music, and the world through a bond that helped revolutionize the world’s of both Rap and Rock.


Cody Wagner, Staff Writer

Apple TV’s “Beastie Boys Story” follows an inspiring, amusing and emotional tale of three friends who shared an intimate friendship with the world for the past 40 years. 

Directed by Spike Jonze, the film captured the real-life story of one music’s most influential acts, “The Beastie Boys,”  whose songs captivated and shook the world to its core while reminding everyone the true impact that friendship can hold once you find the right people. 

The motion picture was filmed at “The Kings Theater” in Brooklyn, NY with founding and remaining members Michael Diamond (Mike D) and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock). The two hosted a three-night event at the theater highlighting their career as musicians, rappers, rockstars and friends while also giving honor to their third companion Adam Yauch(MCA) who tragically passed away on May 4, 2012 at the age of 47 from salivary cancer. The film was filled with humor, excitement, tragedy and tenderness as the story of one of the biggest and most impactful friendships was told.

We learn so much more about the band than what was expressed within their music. What some perceived as the hard-partying 80s frat bros exemplified from the tune “Fight For Your Right” is rebutted as a clever and deeper image of the band, analyzed along with tales of the struggles the three boys endured throughout their pathway of success and its saddened and eventual downfall due to the death of Yauch. At one point later on throughout the film there was a truly touching moment where the spotlight shined on Yauch as details of his death were being explained in its relation to the band’s timeline. As Horovitz was speaking about Yauch and his death, sadness and remorse instantly impacted the artist as he was forced to pass the mic to Diamond because the moment was too heartbreaking and troubled. This immediately showed that the three had a powerful and sustaining bond that they thought could never be broken. This was alongside the fact that both members didn’t even realize that their last show with Yauch came at the 2009 Bonnaroo festival as both individuals shared their grief and remembrance of that fateful day that marked the end of “The Beastie Boys.” 

 Nevertheless, the film doesn’t aim to depress the audience with Yauch’s tragic demise. Rather, it paints an endearing and hopeful image of the individual band members rather than just their musical offensiveness that resulted in much of their appreciation back in their earlier years. 

A more intimate and heartfelt Beastie Boys are presented within this film, providing a deeper personal and emotional image than what was presented in their music. Whether you’re a fan of the boys themselves with reminiscent tunes like “Fight For Your Right”, “Intergalactic” or “Sabotage,” or just looking for a great story about three friends who impacted not only each other but the world, this is the story for you. It’s one that everyone can learn a valuable lesson from with the idea of honoring and understanding those who truly care for your well-being and existence.