Cupid Shot You With Some Student Discounts

Here are some ideas for what you could do around Valentine’s Day using your COD student ID to get a discount.


Graphic by Misbah Kaludi.

Sarah Kueking, Managing Editor

He wants to tell her he likes her, but in English class they always say, “Show, don’t tell.” She’s an English major, so she definitely would know that. So, maybe he’ll take her out to dinner. Or maybe for ice cream. Or a movie. But he has no clue what the right choice is, and he isn’t rich. Luckily, he’s a COD student with a valid student ID.

According to Student Life, COD students have many places they can go, businesses they can buy from and services they can use while making use of their student discounts. All they need is a valid student ID. Here are some suggestions for places where COD students can use their discount to win over their romantic interest this Valentine’s Day:


You can’t go wrong feeding your love interest and filling your own belly at the same time. Luckily, there are many choices for COD students looking to save a few dollars by flashing their ID.

Chi-Tea: 5% off any item on the menu with valid COD student ID (single order per ID) and 10% off catering at least 50 sandwiches

Chi-Tea is known for their bubble teas. However, according to their online menu, they also sell Nashville hot style fried chicken sandwiches (available as a full sandwich, slider, or tenders), popcorn chicken and grilled chicken sandwiches, among other selections. Considering, at $10.99, the chicken tenders are the only item on the online menu over $10, Chi-Tea might be the place to go if you want to go out to eat but are on a tight budget.

Dairy Queen of Glen Ellyn: 15% off with ID

Located at 850 N. Main Street, Dairy Queen never fails to satisfy the Valentine’s Day sweet tooth triggered by memories of holiday candy. Although the Glen Ellyn location sells exclusively desserts, they sell a wide variety, from sundaes, Blizzards and dipped cones to entire ice cream cakes. Dairy Queen even came out with a Blizzard flavor especially for Valentine’s Day: the Triple Truffle Blizzard. The treat features peanut butter, caramel and chocolate-filled truffles mixed with chocolate sauce and ice cream. Try it before it’s gone!

Flips Beef of Glen Ellyn: 10% off for faculty and 15% off for students

Located on 340 Roosevelt Road, Flips is a small restaurant, but it should never be underestimated. It has so many items on the menu that you could go there once a day for a week and never order the same food items twice. They also put twists on popular favorites. For instance, they feature gyros, gyro burgers and flipped gyros, which is gyro meat on top of fries. If you want a memorable meal, this restaurant is for you!

Get Smashed: 15% off with student ID

Located on 850 Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn, Get Smashed is a fast-food joint that only sells burgers with minimal toppings, waffle fries and beer cheese. A double cheeseburger, which they call “The Original Smasher,” costs $9.49. With 15% off, it’s worth a try. 

Jersey Mikes: $7.99 for a meal with a regular sub, chips and a 22-ounce fountain drink with ID.

According to their menu, Jersey Mikes sells a wide variety of both cold and hot sub sandwiches. They also have delicious cookies and brownies to put you in the mood for Valentine’s Day (although, sadly, those are not included in the student discount). 

Wing Stop: 10% off call-in and walk-in orders for students and faculty with ID

Wing Stop is the place to stop if you want boneless or bone-in chicken wings. Their sauces range from milder sauces like garlic parmesan and hawaiian to cajun, mango habanero, and atomic. They also sell chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and fries. If you know your date loves chicken wings, you can’t go wrong with this option. 

Movie Theaters

Movies are a classic Valentine’s date, but if you or your Valentine is a film buff, your COD ID allows you to enjoy the silver screen with a discount. 

AMC Theatres: $8.75/ticket with valid COD student ID

Hollywood Palms Cinema: $4.50 on Wednesdays

Marcus Theatres: $6.75/ticket with ID

Regal Theatres: $8.75/ticket with ID


If you or your date love to learn about the universe, art or science, one of these museums may be worth visiting this Valentine’s Day! 

Adler Planetarium: $2 off original ticket price

As the name suggests, the Adler Planetarium is a museum dedicated to educating and inspiring the public about the universe. If your valentine likes astronomy, this may be the ideal date for you! The planetarium’s main attractions include sky shows – displays of space shown under the planetarium’s famous dome theater. Tickets range from $19 for one adult, for all exhibitions except the sky shows, to $35 per adult. The pricier ticket includes all exhibitions as well as two sky shows. 

Art Institute of Chicago: FREE general admission with valid COD student ID

There’s a saying that nothing comes free in life, but for this article that isn’t true. The Art Institute of Chicago, one of TripAdvisor’s Top U.S. Attractions of 2022, features art from a wide range of places, cultures and time periods. If you want to win the heart of an artist this Valentine’s Day, take them to this museum!

The Field Museum: $33 All-Access Pass, $28 Discovery Pass, $21 Basic Admission with ID

Compared to the Art Institute, The Field Museum is more geared towards educating the public about the natural world and how humans interact with it. For Illinois residents, the normal prices for Field Museum tickets are $40 for an All-Access Pass, $34 for a Discovery Pass, and $27 for Basic Admission. The All-Access Pass includes basic admission, a 3D movie and all four ticketed exhibitions; the Discovery Pass includes basic admission and either a 3D movie or one of the four ticketed exhibitions; and Basic Admission simply includes general admission exhibitions. If you don’t mind the prices and your date likes science, the Field Museum could be your ideal date destination!


You might need some flowers for your perfect date. If so, consider The Green Branch, located on 485 N Main Street in Glen Ellyn, for your impeccable Valentine’s Day bouquet:

The Green Branch: 10% off purchase with ID

This local florist is perfect for anyone who wants to impress or flatter someone who loves flowers. They have an entire webpage dedicated to Valentine’s Day. For an extra fee, you can even send balloons, stuffed animals or boxes of chocolates with the bouquets. However, The Green Branch definitely is not cheap, charging $40 for their least expensive bouquet, the mysterious Deal of the Day, which is not pictured on the site.

The list above may seem overwhelming with the number of choices, but don’t worry. No matter where you go, you have the capability to make Valentine’s Day special to someone who is special to you.

No ID? No problem! Students can get an ID at the Office of Student Life. It’s free if it’s your first ID or replacing an expired ID. It costs $5 to replace a lost, non-expired ID.