COD’s 2022-23 Sports Season on the Horizon

The Chaps are getting closer and closer to this upcoming athletic season with some of the first competitions set to take place mid August.

Nick Karmia

Nick Karmia, Sports Writer

            The College of DuPage’s upcoming sports season has recently just gotten some major scheduling updates, shedding light onto what kinds of competitions are coming up first for 2022-23 athletics. 

            With the addition of women’s golf and men’s volleyball, bringing the total number of sports programs up to 19, the Chaps are heading into the new season to compete successfully and win big. In the 2021-22 season, COD’s football, men’s and women’s track and field won national championships, with men’s golf placing third in the 2022 NJCAA golf championship. 

            The men and women’s basketball teams gained new head coaches with Abigail Tally leading the women’s and Joe Kuhn joining the men’s. Some of the first official dates pertaining to the schedule of COD sports have been released on