Is COD a safe campus?


Hannah Davis

Campus Police during a recent “Coffee with the Police” event on campus

Vandy Manyeh, News Editor

College of DuPage’s latest annual security report shows its main campus and area campuses are pretty safe, though incidents occurred that show students should still take safety measures.

The college complied with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act when the 2017 annual security report was released last week.

The act, signed into law in 1990, mandates colleges and universities to give out information about crimes on their campuses.

“The annual security report is an opportunity for all members of the campus community to be made aware of programs, policies and procedures that are in place to make their campus as safe as possible,” said Campus Police Chief Joseph Mullin.

With few or no arrests at area campuses, the report shows 11 arrests were made in connection with a violation of the college’s drug abuse policy on the main campus. That number is three more than the eight arrests made in 2015.

The report shows one incident of robbery; presumably the Sept. 12, 2016, parking lot incident. Two former students have been charged with armed robbery. The college responded by approving money for an exterior surveillance system.

The report shows data within a three year period and provides safety tips. It goes further and outlines guidelines for reporting a violation of criminal laws and adopted board policies.

“Perhaps most importantly, it is a reminder to us all that we share responsibility for making our campus a safe environment, dedicated to teaching and learning,” added Mullin.

To view the full 2017 comprehensive annual security report, visit: