COD endures harsh loss against Harper


Lucas Koprowski

Lady Chaparral Basketball players battling to rip the ball out of a harper player at the College of DuPage home court on Jan. 17. The Lady Chaps are on a four game losing streak in the conference.

Ben Grote, Sports Reporter

College of DuPage’s women’s basketball team suffered a 58-66 loss against Harper College’s women’s basketball team on Jan. 17. The conference game was a close match and the scoreboard represented this during most of the game.


Harper’s defense gave the Chaparrals a very hard time moving the ball down the court. Despite this, COD was able to make many attempts for jump-shots, but many proved to be useless against the pressure that Harper was putting on the Chaparrals. Harper’s quick reaction to rebounds aided in COD’s difficulty in getting much time in control of the ball. This went both ways for the teams, which helped produced the low numbers on the scoreboard. Halfway into first quarter, the teams were tied at a score of 10-10. This slow scoring carried on, with Harper only scoring 12 additional points by the end of the quarter.


The second quarter started off with Harper leading the Chaparrals 22-21, and it proved to be a much more eventful part of the game in terms of a more aggressive playing style by COD. Despite this, Harper was able to maintain a score that was near COD’s throughout the quarter. After a duration of about 12 minutes in the second quarter of the game, Harper began to score enough points to put a gap between themselves and the Chaparrals. However, Harper’s star player, Joslyn Nicholson, was pulled from the game for a critical foul, which made a huge impact on Harper. With only four minutes left in the game, COD had an opportunity to close the 7-point gap, which would have evened out the score. Unfortunately, due to multiple fouls offended by the Chaparrals, Harper had no trouble scoring a few extra points to solidify their lead and their victory over the Chaparrals.


It was a hard loss for the Chaparrals.


“It was a bad loss for us, and we just have to keep improving in the areas that we lack in,” coach Ryan Connell said. “It has been a hard adjustment with a few of our players not being able to continue to participate to due to not meeting eligibility standards required by the league. We want to make sure our players who join the program will be able to stay the whole season, which can be a bit of a problem. The absence of certain players has made a notable impact on our playing.”

COD plays their next home conference game against Wilbur Wright College on Jan. 25.