Chaps Men’s Soccer Thoroughly Dominated in Regional

Carlos Peterson, Sports Editor

The COD men’s soccer team has had an excellent season this fall however it did not end the way they would have liked it to. Against a tough Waubonsee team the Chaps opened up the regional semifinal with a nice break away from Saul Hernandez. It appeared as though the Chaps would have a relentless attack on the opposition’s goal but that would change quickly. There was some early trouble in the game with footing as it was raining creating a slick playing field on the DuPage turf. Perhaps this was symbolic of things to come.

The game was won in the midfield, particularly by the Waubonsee players. The physicality was evident early and the Chaps did not respond well. Giving up a tough goal to Marcos Carrasco of Waubonsee just 13:50 into the game, COD struggled to stave off the oppositions attack when in the box and it manifested in the opening goal. The ability of Waubonsee to assert themselves in the box looked to be the difference early however there was still a lot of ball left to be played. The Chap’s defensive performance would have to improve.

The Chaps would continually have chances to create scoring opportunities however missing teammates and lack of ball control allowed Waubonsee to control the game. Waubonsee was able to create chances with the over pursuit of the Chaps defensive midfield. In another scare for the Chaps, Waubonsee missed an opportunity when they had a free kick 44:53 into the 1st half. It was a first half to be built upon however a lot was left to be desired as the Chaps were outclassed in almost all aspects of the game.

The second half would open up with a lot like the first half, with Waubonsee coming out playing better ball. The day was miserable as well as the game for those who came out for the Chaparrals. The Waubonsee pressure was getting to the Chaparrals team as the midfield’s constant was giving up the ball to the opposition. Waubonsee did a what was needed and created opportunities for big scores in the second half. The Chaps defense appeared to be in constant peril giving up a lot of corners as well as opportunities in the box. Waubonsee dominated in every aspect of the game and there wasn’t much that the Chaps could do about it.

The game would be closed out with a pair of goals from Waubonsee’s Alan Camarena and Reuel Erastus-Obilo which put Waubonsee up 3-0 and put up a score more indicative of the dominance that was on display for the majority of the afternoon. The Chaps would salvage and offensive rush with a goal to close the game at the 89:55 mark. The Chaparrals did a lot of great things this season and have plenty to be proud of, they just ran into a team that was playing great soccer at the right time. Thank you to the men’s team for a great season.