Chap’s baseball’s success stunted by Kankakee in home game

Quinten Hayley, Sports Editor

The Chaparral men’s baseball team’s winning streak ended, April 14 in their game versus Kankakee here at the College of Dupage; they lost 11-6. This comes as a surprise as, before this game, the team maintained an impressive 26-6-1 record, were maintaining a five-game win streak, and had won the last nine out of 10 home games.

“Our record isn’t an accident, and today was a fluke; we have real, genuine talent in this .program,” head coach Kevin Tyrell said. “We have the deepest pitching staff in the nation, and two guys for every position, and they’re eager. Everyone’s here because they want to be, because they feel right here. Success is just a byproduct of our attitude, and we just didn’t bring that with us today.”

His words aren’t biased or irrational adornment; the empirical data backs his statements up to a teat. With over 250 runs, a collective batting average of .357, on base and slugging percentages nearing almost .500, and over the course of only 34 games, the chaparral’s men’s baseball team has proven its ability to dominate adversaries, have thoroughly demonstrated their perseverance, and will continue to do so.

“We’re good, and we know it, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let up; this really woke us up,” Tyrell continued. “Our biggest struggle, as with most teams, or with anything really, is putting it all together. Some days we’re hitting right, and the pitchers don’t show up. Sometimes our field game is tight, but the batting is sub-par. It’s all checks and balances, and cultivating that optimal synergy is no easy task, but I really think we’re getting there.”

“On this team, we’re like brothers,”  said Javier Martinez, the team’s first basemen. “We didn’t know it, or at least I didn’t, until Myrtle Beach. Our pitching staff threw three straight shutouts; we were all playing the best baseball of our entire lives. We were all synchronized, like robots, or something. It was then we all knew we were really something. That we  were, and are, really talented, and that we can accomplish anything if we work it out together. It just felt amazing. There’s really nothing else like it.”

Even though they’ve had a phenomenal season, Tyrell and company are always interested in prospective candidates looking to play college ball. “We’re about to wrap up our season here; we have the rest of this month. Next fall, and every fall, we have a 10-week recruitment period;” Tyrell said. “There aren’t any cuts; we don’t have to worry about that sort of thing here. If you really want to be here, you can be.  The ones that don’t really want it have a tendency to weed themselves out.”