Chaparral soccer wins region playoff game

Ben Grote, Sports Editor

Playing against Madison College for the third time this season, the College of DuPage women’s soccer team won their regional playoff game in a 3-0 victory. This win for the Chaparrals allows COD to move up to the regional championship game, which took place on Oct. 28, against Rock Valley.


The game started off roughly for both teams, as it was obvious Madison College Wolfpack was playing their hardest to redeem themselves for last week’s loss against the Chaparrals.


Both teams played aggressively, which showed as the ball was not being moved from one side another. The Wolfpack’s defense started off very strong and discouraged COD from being able to move far on the field. Despite Madison College’s aggressive playing against COD, the Chaparrals were able to begin to gain more control over the ball as the first half progressed. Whenever the Chaparrals weren’t in possession, COD was able to quickly steal the ball away from Madison College at every opportunity, which helped aid in stopping any movement of the Wolfpack.


Although COD’s defense was very troubling for Madison, the Wolfpack was still able to near the Chaparrals’ goal a number of times, which allowed them to make attempts at scoring. However, all five of Madison College’s goal attempts during the first half never found their way into the Chaparrals’ net. The Chaparrals on the other hand were able to make six shots on goal during the first half. Two of these wound up in Madison College’s goal thanks to Angela Torritto.


During the second half, Ashlee Falco made a goal, which seemed to deter the Wolfpack from putting forth as much effort as they previously made in the game. Although Madison College’s offense died out, their defense was able to rally together and prohibit COD from scoring during the rest of the game.


From this point on until the end of the game, the ball was seen for the most part in the center of field and not spending time on one side anymore than the other.


Angela Toritto remarked on this saying, “I could definitely tell that they weren’t trying as hard in the second half. Their players sort of died out, and didn’t really want to push us as hard as they did in the first half. We sort of just waited for the game to end, and I’m glad we won by such a good margin.”

This game marks the Chaparrals’ third victory over Madison College this season. This victory for the Chaparrals puts their overall record to 13-2-2.