Carnival Day During Spirit Week 

Anna Sieg, News Editor

This past week at College of DuPage was Spirit Week, where people could show their spirit for their school and meet new friends along the way. On Wednesday last week, it was carnival day in the SSC Atrium where there were games like Milk Pail Toss, Frog Hop, Bottle Ring Toss and inflatable sports games. 

Johnny Tran, a Student Worker at Student Life explained the way things worked during Carnival Day. He said that students can play the carnival games, and they’ll receive tickets that they can exchange for prizes. 

There were a ton of prizes like t-shirts, candy, snacks and other little toys, just like a real carnival. There was also carnival food like cotton candy, popcorn and soft pretzels served at no cost to students. There was also free face painting and free balloon animals. 

There were well over a hundred students gathered at this event, and everyone was laughing and having a great time playing the games. 

Johnny Tran, a student worker in the Student Life office, said the purpose of the event was “to get students involved and build a community. 

“In Student Life, we have invented this so the students can enjoy a little bit of what’s going on on campus,” Tran said. 


There were other events during Spirit Week as well, ending with the Halloween Dance on Friday. All these events help students show their school pride and help them make new friends.