BTE kicks off the year with “Time Stands Still”


Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

Photos provided by the MAC

Life is full of tragedy that can occur at any moment. Despite the harsh reality that is the human experience, tragedy does not have to be something that tears a person down, but rather it can be something that allows people to learn and grow into a better person for themselves. “Time Stands Still,” the new production by the Buffalo Theater Ensemble (BTE) hopes to instill that message to every viewer that enters the theater.

A new year at the College of DuPage means a new season of theatrical productions from BTE, one of the resident theatre companies here at the College of Dupage (COD). “Time Stands Still,” the new production being performed by BTE is currently taking place in the Mcaninch Arts Center.

BTE has been part of the COD community for over 30 years, having begun in 1986, and providing countless opportunities for students and community members from the beginning.

“Time Stands Still”, written by Donald Margulies and directed by Connie Canaday Howard, director of theater at COD, tells the story of a real-life couple Sarah and James after Sarah is involved in an explosion in Iraq. The couple must come to terms with the growing changes that occur after something so life-changing.

“It’s a really beautiful story about what we do for the people we love, moving forward in life, and being true to ourselves and what we ultimately feel is right in order to make a difference in the world,” says Lisa Dawn Curran who plays Sarah, the photojournalist who has just returned home to America after being injured while covering a story on war in the Middle East.

The story is about the hardships of war and tragedy and how they can affect a person, but according to Curran, “there is a world of emotions going on under the surface.” The tragedy that the play surrounds is just one of the many issues Sarah will face, with many more internal issues happening behind the scenes.

Curran has performed in several other BTE productions, including “Blithe Spirit” and “Shining City,” but says that “Time Stands Still” has been different from any other production she has performed in.

“There’s a lot of research that I’ve done in order to really try to grasp the reality of what is happening overseas through the eyes of the many photojournalists risking their lives to tell these stories to the world,” says Curran, “You have to know their stories in order to tell their stories.”

One goal of the production is to showcase the ways people can affect each other. Being a production about tragedy, relationships and inevitable change, Curran hopes the audience uses it as inspiration to work on becoming a better, more intuitive person for themselves to follow the paths they believe in.

Performances occur every Thursday through Sunday from now until March 4th with tickets available online and at the box-office.