Bridge survey results didn’t favor STEM students


Vandy Manyeh

A group of STEM students pose for a picture after an interview with the Courier

Vandy Manyeh, News Editor

Imagine trying to get multiple 100-pound robots from the Berg Instructional Center (BIC) to the Technical Education Center (TEC) as temperatures plummet during the day.

This is what many students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs at College of DuPage (COD) were trying to avoid when they supported an idea to construct a bridge between the Health and Science Center (HSC) and the TEC.

But the results of a bridge survey carried out from Feb. 14-21 didn’t favor the project.

“My demographic of students, that is students who mix engineering with a technical hands-on aspect, will appreciate the construction of the bridge,” said Engineering and Technology Club President Josie Suter.

A total of 1,965 students and employees of the college participated in the survey. On a seven-point Likert scale,  431 respondents reported “6” or “7,” meaning they are in agreement with a proposal to construct a bridge. On the same scale, 861 reported “1” or “2,” which meant a strong opposition to the construction of a bridge. Respondents reporting “3”, “4”, or “5” do not have a strong feeling towards the construction of the bridge.

The College will soon embark on developing a multi-year Facilities Master Plan, according to an email from COD President Ann Rondeau.

“Based on the survey data, for the time being, and until we get indicators or opportunities otherwise, we will not be including a structural bridge,” Rondeau said.