Breuder placed on administrative leave

Collins to act as interim president


Lucas Koprowski

President Robert Breuder

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

President Robert Breuder has been placed on paid administrative leave after a 4-3 vote at the April 30 board of trustees meeting. Breuder had announced medical leave prior to the meeting and had no set time to return.

Joseph Collins, who served as executive vice president under Breuder, will serve as acting interim president.

The decision came in light of public criticism of the administration and a pending federal investigation. Breuder will not be allowed to return to office even with a retracted medical leave without written permission from Chairwoman Kathy Hamilton. He must also give up all College of DuPage related resources.

Deanne Mazzochi, the new vice chairwoman, voted in favor of putting Breuder on administrative leave. She explained why it was necessary to do so.

“We’re assessing his status so we can take steps to make sure the college is protected through the allegations and questions that have been raised regarding the pending investigation,” said Mazzochi. “This is not admitting liability, guilt, or saying that something is wrong. This should not be construed as a negative statement.”

Trustee Joseph Wozniak voted against the motion, explaining he did not feel it was right to “kick a man while he is down.”

Lawyers present at the meeting advised the matter be discussed in a closed session.

Collins has begun his duties as acting interim president. He spoke of his dedication to the college in an email sent to college employees on May 1.

“I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to carry out our mission of being a center for excellence in teaching, learning, and cultural experiences by providing an accessible, affordable and comprehensive education for the benefit of the students and communities that we serve.”

Collins will hold office until a regular interim president is hired.