Breaking News: Student Election Results

Student Life has released the results of the recent student election.


Bee Bishop, Editor in Chief

Student Life has concluded the results for the Student Leadership Council elections today. A total of 338 ballots were collected. 

Trustee Candidate Rai was elected to the position of Student Trustee for the term of 2023-24 with a total of 209 votes. Rai was also elected to an officer’s seat in the SLC alongside Carlos Muñoz, Ayesha Shafiuddin, Angel Hernandez, Zohaib Syed Quadri and Asma Yawari. 

At the bottom of the ballot, students were encouraged to pick up to three issues that related to them the most. The academics, motivation and time management category ranked the highest, with the mental health, anxiety and stress category following as second highest and the diversity, equity, inclusion, access, social justice and human rights ranking third. 

For more specifics about the results, download the results from the SLC ChapLife page. For more information about the candidates, check out their profiles on the Courier’s website.