Breaking News: COD Will No Longer Require Weekly Testing For In-Person Classes

Students and staff will no longer be required to submit proof of vaccination or complete weekly testing if unvaccinated.


Devin Oommen, Staff Writer

Proof of vaccination or weekly testing for COVID-19 is no longer required at the College of DuPage.

Director of Business Services Magdalena Ogrodny sent the announcement in an email to all college staff on June 13. 

“The college will no longer require proof of vaccination and weekly testing will no longer be required or administered on campus,” the email said. 

The change goes into effect immediately. 

The change comes in response to Gov. J.B Pritzker’s office’s ammendments to an executive order, rescinding the requirement for proof of vaccination or weekly testing for higher education students and employees.

In the Governor’s press release Ginger Ostro, executive director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education said the board was grateful to the Governor for his leadership throughout the pandemic. 

“As we move into this next phase, we are building on the success of our campus leaders, staff, faculty, and students over the past two years in keeping our campuses safe, while keeping students on their path to credentials and degrees, especially our students of color and low-income students who were most impacted,” said Ostro.

The press release said the amendments maintain provisions to keep Illinois residents safe and allows the state to remain eligible to receive federal relief funds. 

College employees are advised to direct questions to Phil Gieschen, coordinator of risk management [email protected]  ​​.

Students are advised to submit questions about this change to the dean of students at [email protected].

Updated information about the college’s Covid-19 policy can be found here.

Students who want to share opinions or thoughts about this change can send an email to [email protected].