Board voids Breuder’s contract

Kelly Wynne, News Editor

The College of DuPage board of trustees has voted to void President Robert Breuder’s contract. The vote passed 4-3.This leaves Breuder as an at-will employee of the college, meaning he can be fired by the board at any time.

Because he is now an at-will employee, the board no longer holds the obligation to present Breuder with his promised $752,000 severance package. The board decision to begin Breuder’s termination process began last month. The decision on whether or not to dismiss him with his promised severance package will be discussed by the board in the future.

Along with this decision came a vote to cancel the part of Breuder’s severance package, promising his name on the Homeland Security Education Center. Instead, the building will be named after Medal of Honor recipient Robert J. Miller. This decision passed with a 4-2 vote. Trustees Dianne McGuire and Erin Birt voted “no” with Trustee Joseph Wozniak abstaining.

Chairwoman Kathy Hamilton pushed for trustees to vote “yes” to void Breuder’s contract, as she explained the decisions made by the past board as a “blatant attempt to tie the new board’s hands.”

Trustee Dianne McGuire voted against voiding Breuder’s contract. She spoke of the board’s duty to protect the public. She felt that by voiding his contract, Breuder has the right to tedious and expensive lawsuits. McGuire referred to this decision as a “breach of contract” and called the vote “ridiculous.”

McGuire also voted against naming the Homeland Security Education Center against Miller. She requested a building change, arguing that the new Homeland Security Training Center would be a fitting substitute. This amendment was voted against 4-3, keeping with the original dedication.