Board meeting ends with no advances

Taira Alabi, Freelance Reporter

2016 has started off with more of the same of 2015 for the College of DuPage Board of Trustees.

On Jan. 7, College of DuPage held a special board meeting. The meeting was held in the Student Services Center Atrium at 6:45 P.M. The meeting was called by Frank Napolitano, Deanne Mazzochi and Charles Bernstein. Those trustees were also the only members of the board that attended the meeting. The remaining trustees, Erin Birt, Joseph Wozniak and Diane McGuire did not attend the meeting. Last year, the same three board members boycotted December’s board meeting. The tone of many of the board members and public comments statements seemed to remark the fact that only half the board was at the meeting.

“You gotta be here,” Bernstein said of the board members absent at the special meeting.

This comes after a 2015 of turmoil for the board, where the board saw a new majority and the departure of former COD president Robert Breuder.

The three members of the board who attended the meeting ran for election as the Kathy Hamilton-endorsed  “Clean Slate” last April.

Mazzochi continues to serve as the role of chairwoman in former Chairwoman Hamilton’s absence.

During the meeting, the board announced that the public would be able to apply to become a board member via an online form.

Due to only half the board attending the meeting, resolutions could not be passed and the meeting could not be adjourned. Bernstein spoke about this in a letter he read to the public at the meeting.

“We don’t have to agree on everything but it shouldn’t be hard to agree to pass the resolutions that we need to run the college,” Bernstein said.

The Board of Trustees next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 21.