Bad Romance


Emmy Mertes, Staff Writer

Ah, celebrities. Regular people who are the same as you and us, except with designer clothes, an endless web of other famous networking teams and a much larger paycheck. Despite having all these glorious luxuries at the tip of their fingers, there are a few down sides. The rich and famous seem to often be pawned off like fresh game to one another, seeing who will date who, without so much of the celebrities’ own personal say. This is something that has been going on for years, and honestly, it’s obvious and getting old. 

There seems to have been a time in all our lives when we’ve obsessed over someone famous, be it because of a scandal, their looks or who they’re dating. There is something so compelling about celebrities-and the way society treats them like gods who walk among us mere mortals. You see their names trending on social media platforms, you click on the link to try and be a part of this person’s life, to get to know them better. Upon scrolling, you write a post-that post is like an offering-an offering presented to the ancient gods in gratitude for their deeds.

This gimmick is exactly how celebrities and their marketing teams have been winning our attention for years. Each move is a meticulous step in creating a reaction in a fans, especially with young, male artists. Upon introducing a male singer to the public, it’s prudent – at least from an often marketable stand point –  that he appears single, available – and, often, heterosexual. With females coming into this line of work, it often seems like it is more a matter of physical appearance than social status. Now, to say you’ve built a personality out of a male performer, the best move is to find him a female partner to gain status or dissuade rumors.  This is a case seen time and time again, most currently with Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. These two both became successful at the same time, with Mendes as a solo artist and Cabello with her girl group, Fifth Harmony. After collaborating in 2015 on a single entitled, “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” an intense frenzy of “shipping”- the desire for a set of people to be together – began between Mendes and Cabello. Nothing ever sparked from it, at least until this summer, when the two released another single, “Senorita.” The pair were caught extensively clinging to each other, hip-to-hip and lip-to-lip. What is the likelihood that it is a serious relationship and not just another publicity stunt to help earn the song and the celebs some attention? 

Slim. Cabello recently broke up with her boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, whom she was with for over a year, and Mendes just now making claims of romantic interest seems surprising. Will these summertime lovers last? I guess it’s all up to the fates-and success in ratings.