Bad Intentions brings good ratings

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

Niykee Heaton has proven she can run with the big dogs with the release of her long awaited EP “Bad Intentions.” The Chicago YouTube star was discovered when her covers of popular rap songs began to go viral. Since her rise to Internet fame in 2012, she has released many of her own songs on her personal Soundcloud and Instagram accounts. She has been praised by A-list rappers and was even featured on the song titled “We Own It” with Mike Posner, T Mills and Sammy Adams.

Heaton released her first official single “Bad Intentions” on May 26 and received praise for her originality. Since then, Heaton has encouraged her fan base with song teasers and promotional pictures for her record. Her full EP hit iTunes on Sept. 23 after being pushed back by her label, Capitol Records, from its original Sept. 2 release date. After just a few hours, the album was in the iTunes top 10 chart.

Heaton’s EP is complete with six songs. They vary in sound from love ballad “Rolling Stone” to “Villa,” an upbeat tune that speaks about partying at a tropical getaway.


In the opening song “Sober,” Heaton shows a more serious side as she sings about addiction. Although the message is dark, she has a way of keeping the sound light and easy to sing along to.

“Sober” shows Heaton’s views on addiction. She explains she did not write the song from a personal standpoint but from what she has witnessed in others. The song features heartbreaking lyrics like “leave every bottle as empty as my promises just like the last time I swore I’d be sober for this.” Although the song shows an emotional side different from Heaton’s upbeat tunes, the song still represents her style and is easily identifiable as her own.

Heaton brings a new type of R&B/pop sound to a scene dominated mostly by rappers and bubblegum pop stars. She falls somewhere in between with the use of profanity in songs that will make listeners want to dance. Because of her mixed messages, Heaton’s music will be relatable to multiple audiences.

Heaton now has a climbing fan base, and listeners can expect to see her take over the charts within the next few years.