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Athlete of the Week: Ivy Burnett

An exclusive interview with Ivy Burnett whose performance on the women’s golf team earned her a spot for Athlete of the Week.
Photo provided by COD Athletics.

Name: Ivy Burnett

Sport: Golf

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Elgin

High School: St Edward


LG: When did you start playing golf?

IB: I started playing golf when I was four years old. I continued through middle school through IJGA and MCGGA tournaments. My dad got me into golf very young and I’m really happy about that. He is a [golf] pro at Marengo Ridge, so he teaches people and has taught me throughout my career. I love it so far.


LG: What does your practice schedule look like, and what do you do during the offseason to improve your game?

IB: The practice schedule normally looks busy every week, once a day. In the offseason, I’m normally in a simulator doing multiple hours a day practicing because we can’t get outside because it’s chilly. Sometimes I go over to St. Andrew’s and play because it’s an indoor/outdoor kind of thing where I can still play outside where it’s heated and I’m hitting inside.


LG: What has golf taught you about testing your personal limits?

IB: Mental game is a really important factor in golf. It’s really hard for me sometimes to be easy on myself so I really have to push through and be happy and keep positive. It tests me all the time, just like life. If you have good days you have to be positive and stay positive. But if you have bad days you have to keep going and keep your head up and do your best.


LG: Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

IB: Yes, it’s a big factor. But I don’t like getting too cocky about it. I like to stay really humble with it because winning is really difficult sometimes. Winning is fun. It’s a good feeling. But at the same time, people have tried their hardest, and it’s nice to just keep it in and not celebrate too much around them. 


LG: What are your greatest accomplishments in golf?

IB: So recently I got a hole-in-one. It was a really big day for me because holes-in-ones are very rare. My dad and I were on his golf course [Marengo Ridge], and it was my first round of the season. I remember the date. It was February 22nd this year. So it was off-season, and I expected to not get a good score. The first hole was iffy, and I got a bogey, which is one over par. The second hole was a Par 3, 125 yards. I hit with my seven iron. So I go up to the tee box and it’s like an island shot, so there’s water on each side, and I have to shoot over water. So I set up for the shot, and my dad tells me to take my time. I took my time, hit the shot, and it was the most beautiful shot I’ve ever hit. The ball hits the front of the green and rolls right into the cup of the hole. I was freaking out. My dad was my witness. It was awesome. So that’s my biggest accomplishment.


LG: That’s really great! How have your coaches helped you?

IB: I have had so many coaches throughout my whole lifetime. Coach Jason, right now at COD, he’s a really big help. He loves all of the students and he’s really helpful and gives us really good tips. He helps us stay calm on a bad day and helps us push through at each hole, giving us good information.  He gets us through the 18 holes we need to play and is really supportive.


LG: What have you learned about teamwork from your experience in golf?

IB: Teamwork is a really big factor as well. We all have to work together to keep ourselves mentally sane. We love each other and try to help each other as much as we can. But when we’re on the golf course we try to focus on ourselves because golf is really an individual sport. But even though we’re not working together on a court or something, we try to prepare before a game with a prayer or just helping each other be calm because our nerves can get to us. During practice, we love to just talk and hang out, and we’re almost just like family. On the golf course, we focus, and then after we check on each other and are really supportive of each other.


LG: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

IB: Golf is my number one right now. I also ride horses. I have my own horse. He’s amazing. His name is Vince, and he’s a Canadian warmblood, so he was transported here from Canada. I have been riding since I was four years old. I am very busy with that. I love snowboarding and skiing and outside stuff. I love hiking and camping, cooking, exercising, and going to the gym. I have a lot and could go into a deep bucket list of stuff.


LG: Who is your favorite musician or band?

IB: I love listening to oldie music. Prince is one of my favorite people right now. Even though he’s no longer alive, I really love his music. I like newer stuff too, like the Killers and the Lumineers. I’m really into indie music and some rap. It depends. Music is really based on my mood, so what I’m feeling that day decides what I’m listening to. So I basically listen to a lot of stuff.


LG: What one word best describes you?

IB: This is hard! I’d say sweet, confident, supportive and unique.


LG: Thank you very much, Ivy!

IB: Yeah, thank you!

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