Are you feeling the Bern?

The growing concerns about Bernie Sander’s health status


Lucas Koprowski, News Editor

Just winning by a 2 percent margin, Democratic socialist and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the United States general election with a historic statement of drastic change. Before a preliminary interview with the future president, reporters took note of the plethora of color coordinated sticky notes covering the walls of his home office.


At first they thought the senator has had a lot on his mind and hasn’t had the time to clean up his office after the chaotic election season. With closer inspection however, most of the notes were instructions on doing small mundane tasks, such as remembering where the bathroom is and brushing his teeth.


When the interview started in his office, the reporters asked Sanders about all of the Post-it notes scattered across his office.  Sanders moved the conversation to a confusing explanation of whether he is either providing free public higher education or more free college tuition, and he refused to return to the topic.


Concerns were raised again once Sanders started talking about the health care reform he had achieved over his career as a politician. He kept talking about his work with “First Lady” Hillary Clinton, and that he hopes to continue to work with her in the future when he becomes president. He also noted that she would make a great politician.


The reporter’s final concern was that after asking about his involvement with union Super PAC’s after stating he condones the use of them by Hillary Clinton, he asked one simple question. “What is a Super PAC?” said Sanders. “Is it like the Warsaw Pact? The Cold War just ended fellas, don’t give me a heart attack at my young age.”