Affirmative Action Could Define 2020


Although the Supreme Court ruled against Fisher in 2016, the fight against affirmative action is far from over. This August, the New York Times revealed that Trump’s Justice Department plans to investigate and sue universities for affirmative action policies the administration views as discriminatory against whites.

While the DOJ’s crusade might seem limited to universities, it could capitalize on a lurking resentment across white America. Trump won in 2016 by narrowly focusing on key aspects of American life that white voters resented. Many white voters saw immigration as a threat to American meritocracy, and more specifically, to the jobs and opportunities that would otherwise go to them. Affirmative action could play a similar role in the 2020 presidential race. If Trump adopts the unraveling of affirmative action as a central theme of his reelection campaign, just as he did with immigration in 2016, it could once again secure him victory.

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