A bittersweet farewell to the Courier

Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

I  dreaded writing this all semester long. I knew it was coming. As each week passed, and we started working on the next issues, I tried to pay no attention to it. I didn’t want to think about leaving what I had come to love.

About a year ago, I was in the right place at the right time. I was working on a group project for my film class with the last editor-in-chief of the Courier, Carlos. We were talking, and the topic of the student newspaper came up. I worked for my high school newspaper in the past and loved it. I wanted to know how I could take part in the Courier myself.

A few weeks passed, and Carlos informed me about a position opening at the Courier. That brings me to where I am now. I became the features editor. For the past year, I have grown more than I thought was possible. I accredit that entirely to the Courier. Now I am writing my goodbye.

Over the course of the year, I met people from all walks of life. I became exposed to many new ideas and perspectives different from my own. I learned how to communicate more effectively, how to seek out information I needed and how to be more understanding of others and their perspectives.

Communication is tough; being understanding is easier. Learning to find the perfect balance between the two was one of my biggest goals, and each day at work brought me closer to achieving that goal. Teamwork is also a struggle, but the Courier is a team that only works when everyone puts in their best effort.

Some weeks were easier than others. Stories fall through. Deadlines approach faster than anticipated. Sometimes sources are uncooperative. The struggles manifest in different ways, but you have to put aside your pride bto make sure things work out for the betterment of the collective whole. Learning to accept reality as it is and using it as inspiration is something we could all benefit from. Sometimes things work, and sometimes they don’t. That is okay.

I also learned a lot about my co-workers, who I am also able to call my friends. If I could list everything I learned about my Courier friends, this farewell would make up the entire issue. They are what I will miss most about this job. I look forward to our weekly meetings where we share our ideas and yell over each other at the op-ed discussion. I will miss gushing over K-pop, sharing our embarrassing social media history, watching bad YouTube videos at any given moment and just about everything. Despite any issues that came my way over the past year, I knew I would be able to come to SSC 1220 and immediately feel better. I knew I could come to the newsroom and laugh enough to forget whatever was going on behind the scenes. I’m never giving my office key back, just so I can visit whenever I want to.

Though it is sad having to leave the best job I have ever had, I look forward to my future and being able to apply everything I have learned at the Courier to my future endeavors. Whatever my path decides to provide me, I know I have the fundamentals I need to succeed. I’m hoping when I make the transfer to my university at the start of the new year I will be able to find a sense of community and belonging that I found at the Courier.

More than anything, I hope the people who enter the staff in the future are able to experience what I did this year. It has been incredible being able to push yourself and grow while having your co-workers encouraging you in the background. I wish everyone the best in the future and know the Courier will continue to be the best publication it can be.