Concert Review: Four Bands. One Incredible Night.

Sleeping With Sirens

Alizay Rizvi, Social Media Manager

The Mosh Pit. Also known as The Pit. A symbol of the pure rage that occurs at punk rock concerts. The love for the loudness, the need to scream, the slamming of bodies together is evident in concerts like these. And I just so happened to get pulled into such a Pit for the first time in my life on Tuesday night. The Forge in Joliet hosted one of the biggest and baddest rock concerts of the evening, shaking the very ground itself. Four bands. One night. This made for one of the most amazing nights of my life.

Southpaw. A semi-newcomer to the depths of punk rock as I hadn’t even heard of them until Tuesday night. This little band from Muskegon, Mich. was the opener in what became a fantastic night. Thus far only having released two albums, this band is still making its way to the top. Their heavy set bass and drums had my heart pounding as the crowd warmed up to their beat. Despite only hearing them for the first time, I found myself rocking out to the beat of their music.

The Gospel Youth. A little known band coming in hard from the UK. This band can only be described in one word: Rock. Their music style barely grazes over the more “punk” aspects, but it still is enough to bring on that teenage angst. I hadn’t heard of this band either before Tuesday night, but I found myself oddly intrigued. Their accent was definitely one to die for, and the lyrics of their songs had me head over heels. They were an exceptional warm up following Southpaw as the heat of bodies began to rise.

Set It Off. This band was the second reason I even decided to buy tickets to this show. Releasing five albums, this little band from Tampa, Flo., has gotten quite high up on the spectrum. Their vocalist, Cody Carson, has to be the most energetic and amazing person I have ever had the chance to see live. The band in itself was amazing and after The Gospel Youth, the place had become so packed that I was pressed up against the sound booth during their half. Despite that, it was awesome. Cody truly knows how to get a crowd pumped up.

Sleeping With Sirens. The main reason I drove an hour out to Joliet was for lead singer, Kellin Quinn. The first time I saw them live was on All Time Low’s Future Hearts Tour where they were one of the openers. I fell in love with the energy, the lights, the sound, and I desperately needed to see Kellin again. It was only during their performance that the Pit became a reality and to my absolute terror did I get pulled into it. Crushed between the crowd of people all of a sudden I was close enough to where I could probably have touched Kellin’s shoes. It was awesome. The band has released a total of six albums along with two live albums. This show was for their latest album, The Gossip World Tour.