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When the boy band grows up

Maggie Curran and Ashlee Berner November 18, 2015

As their first album since former band member Zayn Malik left the group, One Direction’s “Made in the A.M.” faced a new level of high expectations. After listening to the 17-track deluxe album, it’s...

Put your phones away

Ashlee Berner, Editor-in-Chief September 16, 2015

The advancements in technology over the last decade have been great. I can send a quick text message instead of calling someone, I can Google something on my phone instead of waiting to go home and look...

Board of trustees revise nine policies

Board of trustees revise nine policies

Ashlee Berner, Editor-in-Chief May 22, 2015

College of DuPage trustees decided Thursday they need more authority to clear the dark clouds looming over the campus' operations. They approved nine new policies that will transfer supremacy away from...

Respect is something that is earned, it is not a right

Ashlee Berner, Design Editor March 25, 2015

As if College of DuPage hasn’t been in the news enough the past few weeks, COD Snaps is one more thing to get people talking about our school. COD Snaps has taken a turn for the worst and became a...

“A day to celebrate your love for anyone”

Ashlee Berner, Design Editor February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming up and that means candy, chocolate, flowers and presents. But that is not the case for everyone. On social media, I’ve started to see the negative comments about this holiday...

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Two sides to every story

Ashlee Berner, Design Editor February 4, 2015

This week I wanted to write something about the recent movie that came out “American Sniper.” I have been going back and forth about this topic for two weeks now. I’ve been doing research, reading...

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48th Annual Country Music Awards Recap

Ashlee Berner, Design Editor November 6, 2014

For those of you who did not get a chance to watch the 48th annual CMA Awards last night, no need to worry. Here is an overview of what happened last night, but if you don’t want to see who won, then...

Reflections on Rice, domestic violence

Ashlee Berner, Design Editor September 18, 2014

For those of you who do not know, NFL player Ray Rice is facing criminal charges for punching his new bride in the face earlier this year. TMZ recently released the infamous video containing evidence of...

Why all the hate on country music?

Åshlee Berner, Design Editor September 10, 2014

No one at Soldier Field was sitting. Everyone was up on their feet, singing and dancing along. There was just so much energy around you and it was a fun atmosphere. I attended country music star the Luke...

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