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Sorry Chaparrals, But I Have Reached My Epilogue!

Johnny Chirayil, the man behind the socials, bids his farewell after working two years for the Courier.
Photo of Johnny in front of the COD Fountain

It is hard to believe how quickly these two years have gone by. Many of my college days were long, especially with spending additional hours doing Courier work, but sadly those days are over. A new chapter awaits once I take my final steps out of the College of DuPage building.

Why I joined the Courier?

I joined the team on September 8, 2021. I considered this an excellent opportunity to get a part-time job and make new friends. If I joined one of the biggest groups in COD, I would adapt to the atmosphere better. I applied to be a Graphic Designer since I took some graphics classes during high school, and I wanted to use those skills to work in the Courier. I also applied to be a Social Media Editor because I took charge of the socials at my previous workplace.

What do I do at the Courier?

I got accepted as the Social Media Editor. From there, I made announcements for COD events on Facebook and Instagram. I would also film the events so students and staff won’t miss out on what is happening. I also post announcements for new articles weekly so everyone can keep up with the newsletter. I do write articles of my own, primarily movie and video game critiques, which were fun.

What have I learned from the Courier?

The Courier is a great job opportunity for those pursuing a writing career. Our adviser, Jim Fuller, gives excellent tips on how to write better articles, maybe even a book. When it comes to writing, you want to ensure you avoid redundancy and use passive tones. I also learned how each member does his or her part in the newsletter. 

Most staff writers interview people on campus to get background information for their articles. Sometimes they would visit other places, such as museums and concerts, and write about their experience.

We then go through a process of how we get our articles ready. We have the managing editor and adviser look through the piece and ensure the information is accurate, and there are no grammar errors. Afterward, writers go to the dashboard and publish their articles on the Courier website. Huzzah! A new article is now available for you to read!

Where will I go after the Courier?

I won’t look into any news-related or writing careers after finishing the Courier. However, I may consider doing a blog or podcast discussing my opinions on certain movies, TV shows and video games. You may notice that I am a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan, considering I have written four articles about Sonic. Therefore, I can create my own news source that will provide the latest topics for the blue blur. I will only be doing it for fun, though. 

Final Words

I want to thank those following up with the Courier and supporting our work. You, being the reader right now, are what keeps us going. I also thank the team for being the greatest group of friends I could ever have at COD. I won’t forget all of you. I also thank Jim Fuller for giving me this job opportunity and showing me how to write an article properly. I will definitely be writing more vital memos from here. Lastly, thank you to those who have taken the time to read my articles and praise my work. 

Sayonara, College of DuPage!

Again, it is hard to believe how fast the years went by. I had a lot of great memories here, but now it is time for me to move on and face new frontiers. I wish the best of luck to all current and incoming members of the Courier. I hope my work here has set a good example for you all. Thank you to everyone once again. Elmhurst University, here I come!


Johnny’s Final Courier Meeting
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