Our endorsements for student trustee, president

The Courier’s editorial board selects candidates for the March 17 and 18 student elections

On March 17 and 18, it will be time for students to cast their vote in the Student Leadership Council election. This election determines which students will become College of DuPage’s new student body president, vice president, and student trustee. Our entire student body will be represented by these three students in matters involving higher-level decision-making, discussions with the Board of Trustees and faculty, and integration of new programs and events at the college. In short, it’s a big deal. That’s why we have personally interviewed the six candidates for these positions and have made our choices based on whom we think would best serve the school and its students.

For student trustee, Josh Clayton

Candidates: Josh Clayton and Gloria Roark

For student trustee, Josh Clayton

This was a close call, but we endorse Josh Clayton based on his extensive knowledge of all things Board of Trustees. While Roark is charismatic, intelligent, and heavily student-oriented, she lacks a firm stance on matters involving important board decisions, something we look for in a student trustee. Her ideas for clarifying misconceptions about the college and getting students involved at board meetings are solid, but she has no definite initiative to carry them out. In contrast, Clayton seemingly has a clearer platform for accomplishing his main goal: communication between himself and the students. His plan for establishing an email-forwarded newsletter to the student body not only would give students access to information about our school, but also would provide an opportunity for our voices to be heard. As far as experience goes, Clayton understands the issues surrounding the board after attending numerous meetings this year and holds strong positions on them. His proficiency in college affairs makes him the best candidate for the position.

Editor’s note: Josh Clayton served as news editor of The Courier from August 2014 to October 2014.

For student body president, Joe Stahl

Candidates: Joe Stahl and Dana Nuestro

For student body president, Joe Stahl

Joe Stahl won our vote based on his heavy interest in communication and his interest in receiving critical feedback. Although Nuestro is friendly, enthusiastic, and has a genuine interest in the student body as well, she doesn’t hold a firm stance on tough matters and doesn’t have the initiative Stahl demonstrates. He is clearly focused on bridging the gap between students, clubs, and organizations and getting students more involved at the college. Most importantly, the key factor in our decision is his concern for feedback in the role of president. Stahl stated that constant evaluation from other officers, students, and staff is a main interest of his, and we couldn’t agree more. He seems fully capable of proudly serving our student body.

For student body vice president, no endorsement

Candidates: Denise Calma and Miguel Hernandez

When it comes down to it, these candidates hold almost identical views and possess many of the same strengths and weaknesses. Both want to run for the position of vice president for personal reasons. Calma is looking to try something new, and Hernandez wants an opportunity to try out his leadership skills. They also feel strongly about improving clubs and organizations, acknowledging diversity, and offering new ideas, but neither seems to have a plan for implementing these improvements. Their lack of vision only leaves us wanting more from them. Because both Calma and Hernandez miss this crucial mark, we cannot definitively endorse either candidate.

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