Letter: H.O.M.E

Letter to the editor


 I found the editorial “The fight against gay rights has already been lost” pretty entertaining on so many levels.  The authors evidently haven’t learned much from history.  First of all, change is constant.  Yes, “gay rights” (sad wrongs) is trendy today.  But that will change.  The “fight” against so-called “gay rights” is not over.  Indeed, it’s actually just getting organized.

     The whole “gay” movement is a regressive one, not a progressive one.  The ancient and primitive Greek and Roman societies valued homosexual activity.  But eventually the people wised up and expressed disapproval of it as immoral.  Now, many in our society favor going back thousands of years to those primitive and immoral ways.

     Too many people nowadays even defend homosexual heterophobia.  Is that strange or what!  Something is obviously preventing homosexuals from enjoying purely natural and normal heterosexual sex, and numerous extremists say we’re supposed to celebrate that.  Hello!

     Someday all the misguided pro-homosexual laws now on the books will be overturned by more intelligent, less biased judges.  It’s just a matter of time and education.  Many Americans don’t have all the facts about homosexuality due to media bias.  But those media are losing influence fast.  They have very little credibility with the public.  

     The truth will eventually win out.  Homosexuality will once again be considered what it clearly is: a disorder.  (Like a female mind in a male body is clearly a sure sign that something went wrong somewhere, in nature and/or nurture, is clearly a mind/body mismatch, so a homosexual mind or orientation in a heterosexual body is a mind/body mismatch.)  And homosexual activity will once again be deemed immoral, which is what thinking people (e.g., Plato) have known for centuries that it is.

     Sincerely, Wayne Lela