College cheerleaders bring on spirit

Ben Grote, Sports Editor


If you were at College of DuPage’s homecoming game, you probably noticed the spirit team in front of the student section. The goal of the team is simple; make the crowd roar and get everyone amped up for the home team. While many schools have a standard cheerleading team, COD’s spirit team differs slightly.


The spirit team not only cheers during its performances, but the team also includes dance in its routine. From dancing throughout the game, to getting the crowd to cheer for the Chaparrals, the spirit team always tries their best to be loud.


When Kristy Spielman joined the spirit team, she was not aware of the unique demands of the cheer group.


“I actually tried out for the team with the impression that it was just dance. It wasn’t until I actually made the team did I know that it was both dance and cheer. However, I started liking it more and more, and am very happy to be on the team,” Spielman said.


Under the coaching of the newly appointed Carmen Young, three women were added to the team.


“I’m very excited for this team, it’s nice to see the girls grow as individuals, and I absolutely love it,” Young said. Young herself has been coaching young people in dance, gymnastics and cheer for four years.


COD’s spirit team doesn’t compete against other teams, but they always try their best in both practice and in front of an audience. The spirit team practices two nights a week, where they work on their dancing and cheer routines.


In anticipation for the school’s upcoming basketball season, the team recently completed tryouts for the new season.


COD’s spirit team can always be found at school events such as home football and basketball games. The spirit team’s upcoming gig will be at the Laps for the Chaps 5K race taking place on Oct. 18 as they cheer on the runners.