Breuder addresses scrutiny on COD at student event

College president calls out watchdog group, Chicago Tribune during ‘Pizza with the President’


Lucas Koprowski

From left: Earl Dowling and College of DuPage President Robert Breuder at a student event March 24.

Taira Alabi, News Editor

In the midst of criticism over his leadership tactics and $763,000 severance package, College of DuPage President Robert Breuder gave students an opportunity to ask him questions in a forum dubbed as “Pizza With The President” March 24.

In a room of about 20 students who attended, Breuder answered questions regarding student involvement, class requirements and the recent controversy surrounding the community college.

Breuder said there had been a “tragedy” in the last 12 months at COD with media attention it had gotten.

“They are not giving much thought to what they say, how they say, where they say it, and whether or not it’s accurate,” Breuder said of the school’s detractors. “Their intent is to do harm and to advance their own organization.”

“This is the worst kind of behavior I have ever seen in my 35 years as [a college president],” Breuder told students. “We try to shield you from most of it because you are here for one purpose only, to get an education.”

Breuder was critical of the Chicago Tribune, which has written several editorials about the college president. Breuder said the newspaper was “not the paper it once used to be.”

“When their voice is the only one that is heard, it does skew the judgment of some people,” Breuder said.

Breuder also provided students with a message of encouragement.

“The message for you today is to get as much education as you can, and get as much as you can out of it,” Breuder said.

As for the April 7 board elections, Breuder hopes students pay attention.

“I would hope that students would go out and vote and vote for the person they think would best serve this institution holistically,” Breuder said.