The Most Wonderful time of the Year: Pandemic edition


Dominique Thomas

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This Christmas will look a lot different than the past years, but that doesn’t mean the holiday spirit is gone for good! Here are some of the many ways to enjoy the holidays safely this year:


  1. Get creative and decorate. Since we have been spending more time in our homes this year, this is the perfect chance to decorate to get in the spirit of the holidays! With platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, it’s very easy to look up some inspiration to turn your family room into a winter wonderland. Christmas lights have always been a great way to light up the night, so now is the time to bring out the extension cords and go to town. 


  1. Christmas treats. Christmas cookies are a fan favorite every year to almost every household. Gather the family in your house and bake the classic treats this year together! Baking together is a fun and delicious way to brighten up the year. And if you made too many baked goods, drop them off to relatives, socially distanced of course, to show how much you’ve been thinking of them this year. A sweet treat with festive music playing is highly recommended!


  1. Keep in touch with family. Since we still need to follow the safety guidelines, it’s not recommended to have large gatherings in one place. But that doesn’t mean you can’t call up relatives and close friends this Christmas to open presents together. Now more than ever, being there for family and friends during this tough time is a great way to show support for each other. A simple call can go a long way this Christmas to spread the hope of the new year!


  1. Sending gifts to others. The gift of giving has become even easier with delivery companies and curbside pick-up. Shopping from small businesses is also a wonderful way to get a unique, handmade gift for someone while supporting others who may be struggling through this pandemic. Services like Etsy provide a whole variety of small, business-owned shops to search from with very heartfelt gifts from people who love to give. Letters and cards are also a great way to send a message to loved ones this year keeping them in our hearts for this holiday season.


Having a safe, happy and healthy holiday season is, of course, the main point of this year. Hosting with just the people in your household is the safest way to ensure everyone is healthy in your family. With these simple ways to add some festive cheer this year to your holidays, may it bring some light to the abnormal celebrations and carry on to the new year.