Homecoming: Then versus now

What has changed since the last homecoming in the ’70s

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To some current students, hearing 1975 reminds them of nothing but an alternative rock band, but to many College of DuPage alumni, 1975 was a part of their youth.


This week marks the first homecoming week at COD since 1975. It is easy to assume that many things have changed. Style, music taste and lifestyle are all a little bit different now, so this year’s homecoming will reflect that.


This week is complete with activities for students and faculty, discounted spirit wear and of course, a home football game.


The last homecoming that COD celebrated had slightly different activities. There was a dance complete with a homecoming court and the crowning of a queen. In 1975, COD was less than 10 years old. Because the point of homecoming is to call alumni home for a weekend, participation was lacking. Although students enjoyed the activities, the turnout was low and the week was deemed unsuccessful.

Forty years later, with alumni from all over the country, COD will bring back homecoming.


Nancy Svoboda, former COD faculty member and current trustee, believes that this time, homecoming will be successful.


“The sense of homecoming is to bring people back. Now, COD has touched so many people. We have a broader base of students, and the growth of the school will make it a larger celebration,” Svoboda said.

Since COD’s last homecoming, the campus itself has gone through numerous changes. As current students have seen first hand, renovations on campus have made COD pretty top notch. In the ‘70s, the main campus was composed of one main building. The college today has expanded to include 13 buildings and regional campuses.

Despite physical changes like enrollment growth and campus improvements, Svoboda believes COD’s values remain the same as they were 40 years ago.


“I think more has stayed the same then changed,” Svoboda said. “We still support the community. We have students of all ages and economic backgrounds. The core is the same and I celebrate that. We have continued to meet the needs of the community.”


Svoboda acknowledged this year as the rebirth of homecoming provides an opportunity to embrace its history and celebrate the past and future of COD.