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Why more college students should consider entrepreneurship

Kimberly Wilson, Opinion Editor

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The exciting and dynamic challenges and overall freedom that come with entrepreneurship are only a few of its many benefits. Owning one’s own business comes with several perks difficult to come by when working for someone else. Yet the majority of college students don’t see it as a viable option. Achieving a successful and fulfilling career is going to be difficult regardless of how you go about doing it. In reality entrepreneurship might not be as daunting as we may think.  

An article by Scott Shane from Small Business Trends’ website stated that “According to the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, which surveys incoming college freshmen annually, only 0.7 percent of the 193,000 students at 283 U.S. colleges and universities who responded to the 2012 survey said they intend to major in entrepreneurship.”

The inaugural Maker Market being held on April 11 at College of DuPage shows there’s clearly an interest in entrepreneurship among students here. COD also boasts a Center for Entrepreneurship where students can receive assistance with their businesses in the Continuing Education Division. Still, the numbers show entrepreneurship isn’t the most favored choice among most millennials.

Some of the world’s most successful business men and women achieved their status by starting their own businesses. So why is entrepreneurship not more popular with college students? Several factors like job security, navigating the logistics of marketing and competing with other established businesses might make owning our own business seem like too much of a demanding task. But going the more traditional route to a successful career can have just as much bumps in the road.  

College is largely seen as the most guided path to success. Entrepreneurship may be a lot of things, but straightforward isn’t one of them. It could just be that the two don’t mix. Or, it could be that we’re making college out to be more straightforward than it really is.

After all, many college students end up either dropping out, or having difficulty finding a suitable job in their chosen field. If higher education can involve just as much adversity as starting your own business, what’s stopping us from trying our hand at the latter?

Getting a “real job” might be the more socially accepted path to a successful career. But it certainly isn’t without its fair share of challenges. There’s really no reason not to be an entrepreneur. Especially when one considers starting your own business is even more accessible than it’s been in the past thanks to the many social media platforms now available to us.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and becoming an entrepreneur and you have a good idea and a plan to develop it; the COD Maker Market (April 11 in the SSC atrium) is the perfect place to be inspired. COD even has its own Center for Entrepreneurship ( to help students and small businesses get started with customized advising and training.




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Why more college students should consider entrepreneurship