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Local couple steals $200,000 from financial aid at COD

Kitt Fresa, News Editor

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A couple’s financial aid fraud scheme has been uncovered by the local police, but not before managing to steal over $200,000 from the school.

Cedric Ramey and Mary Allen from Roselle, IL have been charged with theft of more than $100,000 from a school or place of worship, financial institution fraud, forgery, identity theft, conspiracy to commit a financial crime, and theft by deception, according to the DuPage County sheriff’s office. The couple’s scheme started to unravel when local police received a report of identity theft in 2013. The police later received information from financial aid and several indicators of a financial aid fraud scheme after the report which led to an investigation.

The investigation was led by Lieutenant Kent A. Munsterman where it had been discovered that the scheme had been around 9 months in progress and also took around a year and a half to fully uncover. The investigation was aided with the help of the financial aid department where Financial Aid Representative, Jennifer Prusko was said to be an “instrumental” aid in the investigation.

This also isn’t the first time this has happened as well, COD was under financial attack from two previous fraud rings, one that had managed to steal $40,000 and the other $300,000. Prusko was said to be an aid to the police as well in the previous fraud rings.

Ramey and Allen who previously have never been affiliated with the college, did receive money through the scheme but have been ordered to reimburse the school through a judge, subsequently splitting the cost evenly between the two. The couple has been reported to have recruited friends and obtained their personal information that was used to apply to COD and for federal loans and grants administered through the college. Ramey has been held on bond for $1 million while Allen has been held at $500,000. Their next court date has been scheduled for May 22 before Judge Robert Miller.

Even in the midst of the scheme the couple’s scheme though, it has been reported to never have effected any other student’s chance at receiving financial aid.

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Local couple steals $200,000 from financial aid at COD