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STAFF EDITORIAL: Betsy DeVos’ confirmation is a tragic mismatch for our future

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Betsy Devos, a woman who stuttered to give answers about what goes on at America’s public schools was confirmed as Secretary of Education by the very Senate that placed her in the spotlight for being unqualified to run our school system.


As a beneficiary of Trumps’ spoils system, Republicans in Congress who have benefitted from her generous donations managed to sail her through a tedious nomination proceeding.


It took courage for two Republicans  Sens. Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, and Susan Collins, of Maine, to break from the usual party politics in Congress. It was a tie after the Senate committee on education voted to pave a way for a vote by the entire Senate. The schism was justified. It was Mike Pence, a hardline conservative that has become a lackey for political reasons, who broke the tie.


This tantrum was for a genuine reason since the future of America’s students is in the hands of a right-wing donor. The confirmation of Devos is one of the worst things we will live with for the next four years.


As a surrogate of President Donald Trump, Devos wants to create fiscal problems for public schools. She is fueled by her egotistical belief that dishing out school vouchers is a remedy to the problems our educational institutions are faced with.


Devos wants to privatize our entire school system. Here is one thing an acclaimed businesswoman has failed to understand: the private entities’ sole aim is to maximize profits. Devos wants to create a situation where wealthy Americans will dictate how our schools are managed.


Schools will hike the price of tuition and fees, while there will be a constant burden on taxpayers to give in to those demands. Yes, if there is an increase in the operating expenditures at our schools due to unforeseen and economic situations, it is because Devos sees schools as nothing but business.


Devos isn’t just willing to privatize these schools. She wants to shift taxpayers’ money from public schools to private and parochial schools. This isn’t a subsidy; it is an obvious attempt to make the already rich owners of these schools richer on the backs of low-income families.


Devos should use her ties to the presidency to advocate for more funding for our public schools, revision of weak curriculum and listening to our teachers.


In Chicago, for example, a soaring population of about 300,000 students faces challenges every day due to a lackluster approach from politicians who politicize social issues. It is becoming more bureaucratic to finance education.


Now, Devos’ corrective measures will mean taking away the only path for a better future for these students, many of whom are from low-income families. This is another recipe for chaos, and Americans, regardless of where they stand on political issues, must constructively resist a plan by a woman who never rode the yellow bus to school to decide their fate.


We have always advocated for diversity within our educational system at COD. The Courier is one of the most diverse student organizations here on campus. We believe Devos’ plan is a breeding ground for segregation, and it is a well-calculated plot to make our schools reverse gains they have made over the years as it relates to diversity.


If wealthy folks within our communities are advocating for school choice, they should also bring solutions to the table to help the failing public schools.. It is time to have a robust plan with policies that work for every American regardless of a person’s financial capabilities.


Devos has repeatedly shunned arguments about her role in her mother’s organization that has donated money to fight against the LGBT community. This is terrifying, especially for our schools where we have LGBT students.


Finally, Devos is a mismatch because she has no knowledge of the federal laws that she is expected to oversee in our schools.. Often disheveled during her confirmation hearing, she didn’t know a thing about the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.


Hands down, this woman is not prepared for the job.

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STAFF EDITORIAL: Betsy DeVos’ confirmation is a tragic mismatch for our future