Blossom into your best self in Spring 2020 with these major fashion trends in women’s apparel.


Rebecca Brush

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Get High — And Low

Streetwear has dominated the commercial market for years, but Millennials and Gen-Xers are reinventing casual, logo-saturated outfits by adding pieces that will distinguish them as older and classically stylish. Throw on a blazer or tailored blouse with baggy, high-waisted cargo pants and clunky gym shoes for the right balance of high-low styling.

Be Basic

Designers have embraced monochromatic, minimalistic looks and simple, poppy designs for season after season since 2014. Now is a great time to invest in wardrobe staples like black trousers and white t-shirts.

(Take this as an opportunity to source more sustainable options! Instead of splurging on five white t-shirts for $7 each from H&M, buy one or two quality shirts that will last longer — and fit better.)

Let Go of the Leggings

Professional wear is making a comeback. As women become more educated and career-driven, designers are meeting the need for more formal, tailored clothing. But don’t let the fear of fitted scare you! Restrictions and “rules” for professional clothes are loosening as designers accommodate the need for garments to transition from office to lunch to after-work drinks. That means you can keep the comfort of athleisure.

Golden Hour

Warm, soothing, pastel tones will dominate Spring 2020. As the gap between human and technology closes, designers are focusing on color palettes that easily merge and blend with each other. Orange, yellow, and gold tones have gained popularity in recent years and will continue to be a top choice for designs this year.

50 Shades of Beige

Closely associated with the turn to more neutral, natural colors for the Spring 2020 season is an industry-wide focus on sustainability and the environmental effects of color dying. Designers are using cotton in its natural, varying shades of brown for garments. Don’t be surprised when you see brown — an unusual choice for spring — as a core color for the upcoming season.

Editor’s Choice: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring. They are usually made with mid-weight cottons, which makes them perfect for bundling up through February or keeping comfortable in March. Minimalistic design means cleaner lines, streamlined silhouettes and flattering fits.