‘Medicine’ cures fans of music drought

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the Soundcloud release of “Medicine” on Oct. 30, British pop-rock band The 1975 has proven they are capable of more meaningful melodies while staying true to their signature sound. The single is the first release from the band since their self-titled debut album in 2013. Although there is still no word on a new album, or even an EP, fans will appreciate hearing something new to help pass the time until a full set of songs.

The 1975 released the new single thanks to the rescore of 2011 movie “Drive” by Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1. “Medicine” lies among a strong line up of alternative offerings from bands like CHVRCHES and The Neighbourhood in the rescore, each created specifically for the release.

I fell in love with The 1975 from the moment I heard their first official single “Chocolate” because of the way the band mixes real instruments with artificial ones and creates a kind of echo behind each song. The band has a unique way to showcase their talent among others in their genre, which are specifically labeled either indie or hard rock. The 1975 can shift from one side to the other because of the way they piece together sounds unlike any other band, making each track an experience rather than just another song.

“Medicine” has lived up to the high expectations set by the band’s previous songs because of its production. The track fades in with the same few-note echo used to open almost every other one, creating an undeniable feeling it belongs with the rest.

Although identifiable as one of the band’s own, Medicine’s message and tempo stray from the majority of The 1975’s songs. The lyrics speak of a love so strong it cures, referencing to it as “medicine.” The second verse goes as far as to talk about marriage in the words: “I wanna marry you, I said I, I adore you and that’s all I have to say, I adore you.”

The message of a strong, real love is not one the band has previously explored. This is not to say the band has been incapable of touching on more serious topics but their past lyrics tend to reference less important relationships and being under the influence. Although the plotline of “Drive” directed the subject matter of the song, it has proven The 1975 can write from the viewpoint of multiple sides.

At almost six minutes long, the instrumental heavy single may be compared to their 2013 album release “Menswear.”  Still, the two differ in tempo and message. “Menswear” has an upbeat tempo and lyrics imply the writer attending a wedding with little care for the event. This is the complete opposite of “Medicine” in which the writer is thinking about tying the knot himself.

The 1975 has continuously proven their worth since they first made headlines years back. Each song they have created has stretched the boundaries of what fans expect, and “Medicine” is no different. It has set the tone for what is to come from the band and shown the public never to underestimate The 1975’s capabilities.