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Chaps Out Last the Kings in Overtime Victory

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Chaps Out Last the Kings in Overtime Victory

Lindsay Piotter

Lindsay Piotter

Lindsay Piotter

Miguel Contreras III, Sports Editor

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The Kennedy Kings marched across the midwestern plains ontowards their latest target of conquest: The College of Dupage. Undeterred, the Chaps readied to receive them, preparing a daunting defence and tactical counter attacks.

The soccer ball would be the judge and executioner of who claims the land and who must take another staggering blow to their regular season record.

Immediately, The Chaps demonstrate their expanding expertise with the ball, mounting assault after assault of oppressive strikes to the King’s midfield and sides.

However, the Kings were not to be outdone. They constantly impede and blocked any clear lines of shots for the Chaps on their goal. Each time the Chaps took shots at the opposing goal, the keeper stanched their attack.

After weathering the relentless offence of the Chaps, the Kings finally found their opportunity. A quick strike to the middle of the field exploited a weakness in the Chaparral defences, and they drew first blood for the match.

The Chaps wasted no time taking the King’s momentum and swinging it against them. Driving a speedy midfielder around the Kings’ flank and exposing their middle. A well executed pass to a well positioned forward and the score was easily settled.

This set the stage for the battle of attrition to take place between the two tireless forces. Both searching for an opportunity to a punish the oppositions’ mistakes, and shore up their counter when they replied in kind.

In the end, the Kings could not maintain the pace of the relentless Chaparrals. As the game dragged into overtime, the King’s defenders and keepers circame to the overpowering pressure of the Chaparral offence. Sending the Kennedy Kings home with empty coffers.

College of Dupage Men’s Soccer Team’s next home match will be Oct 9, 2018 at 4:00 PM against Richard J. Daley.

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Chaps Out Last the Kings in Overtime Victory