Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge


Miguel Contreras III, Sports Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Four teams of four guys, four balls per match and a whole lot of swagger. At first, COD’s intramural event seemed to resonate off the ultimate Frisbee league that flopped earlier in this semester. Athletic staff shot baskets with foam balls while looking towards the clock that ticked well past the scheduled start time.


Then they arrived in a drove.


The echoey gym turned into a steady cacophony of good-natured taunting and competitive banter. This only stoked the flame beneath the arm cannons that hurled foam balls ricocheting off of bodies, wood and curtains.


The opening match took so long it had to be decided by a one-on-one open court sudden death that concluded with a failed block and a shot just grazing the losers finger.


The rest of the fiery competition extinguished as quickly as it was ignited. The second match ebbed and flowed dramatically as a series of caught balls massively swung the momentum to  one against four. What followed was a barrage of spherical missiles that rapidly sent the tournament to the final round.


With unrelenting confidence emanating from both sides, the gauntlet was thrown down, and the balls were rushed. Fumbled grabs and lofty throws resulted in swift eliminations for both sides. With one team in a precarious game state, their teammates called for them to catch the balls that sailed in their direction. They hit them in the hands; then they hit the hardwood.


That left a single teammate in a one against  situation. /the opposition outed him in quick order as they batted his desperate, airborne ball skyward to be easily caught by a teammate and finish the tournament with style.


Matt Cousins, who coordinates intramurals at COD, spoke well of the event and looks forward to future opportunities.


“ There were three teams who competed in this fast-paced, spirited game with an eventual champion crowned. We would have enjoyed more teams competing but felt like those who did take part in the tournament had fun.

“This was the last Intramural event for the fall semester,” Cousins continued. “The Intramural Department is already planning for spring 2019 and beyond. For spring, we hope to offer events such as indoor soccer, bags, multiple basketball competitions, volleyball and a new game called ‘Can Jam.’ Can Jam is a game that is a cross between Frisbee, bags and horseshoes. We are excited to offer these opportunities to the entire college community and look forward to what the future will bring.”