2014-2015 The Courier Staff

Joash Mencias

Joash is the editor of The Courier. Joash served as news editor for the paper last year. He describes himself as a news junkie and loves to follow media news and pop culture. Email: editor@cod.edu Twitter: @joashmencias

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Josh Clayton

As news editor for The Courier, Josh aims to break news relevant to the student body. He is looking forward to his first year on the paper. Josh describes himself as a lover of culture and community, and his interests revolve... 

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Parker Rechsteiner

Parker is the Opinion Editor for the paper. He served as the Arts Editor for the Courier last spring. He loves anything to do with the outdoors and is a music addict. Email: opinion@cod.edu Twitter: @parkertheparker

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Kelly Wynne

Keeping up with current student interest and media crazes is Kelly‚Äôs main job as features editor. She aims to report trends and events relevant to the COD student body, as well as keep students informed on those off campus.... 

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Ben Grote

Ben Grote is the Sports Editor for The Courier. Ben describes himself as someone who is active, sociable, and very kind. He enjoys watching a multitude of sports and aims to attend many sporting events at College of Dupage. His... 

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Ashlee Berner

As the design editor for the Courier, Ashlee aims to make the newspaper look its best. Ashlee describes herself as fun and outgoing with a positive outlook on life, and she is always ready to tackle any challenge that comes her... 

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Joshua Beck

Joshua is a staff reporter for The Courier.

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