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AD Pricing and Dimensions

Advertising in the weekly issues of the Courier;

  • If you are a local business, education institution, or community member or Off Campus contact of any kind wanting to advertise a display ad in our publication, go here for the rates. The rate is to run in the Courier for one week.  Frequency discounts apply when you sign up for multiple issues. 2016-FallOffCampusPricingR0826
  • If you are a College of DuPage on campus department, that would like to place an ad in the Courier, go here for your special rates. 2016-FallONCampusDEPTPricing

Special Issues 

  • The Courier publishes three Special issues every academic year. They have different pricing than the weekly issues of the Courier. These special issues are; the Fall New Student Orientation issue (August 2016), the Spring New Student Orientation issue (publishing January 2017) and the Summer Student Issue (publishing May 2017). These are niche audiences that we reach with a special publication.  The special issue rates are as follows; full page $850; half page $500; quarter page or third page $350; and eighth page $200. These are net pricing, no additional or special discounting will be applied.

Ad Dimensions for ALL issues are;

Full page (FP)- 9.72″w x 10.97″h
Half page horizontal (1/2H) – 9.72″ x 5.45″
Half page vertical (1/2V) – 4.83″ x 10.97″
Third page (1/3V) vertical – 3.15″ x 10.97″
Quarter page (1/4) – 4.83″ x 5.45″
Eighth page horizontal (1/8H) – 4.83″ x 2.72″

Artwork should be submitting to in a JPG or PDF format.

College of DuPage's student newspaper | Est. 1967
AD Pricing and Dimensions