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Trustee election 101

What students need to know for the trustee election

Lucas Koprowski

The crowd of district 502 citizens at the Board of Trustees meeting in the Student Life area of the College of DuPage on Jan. 28.

Taira Alabi, News Editor

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In the past two weeks, President Robert L. Breuder’s large severance package has caused COD to become the hot topic of local and regional news media. Words like “Buyout,” and “Secrecy” have been thrown into the media storm hovering over COD. Three words in particular, “Board of Trustees,” have been the center of attention.

 On April 7, 2015, members of the District 502 will have the power to vote to fill three empty seats on the Board Of Trustees on the seven member board. Many COD students will have the opportunity to make a decision that will have lasting impact on COD, and according to some a lasting impact on their own experience at COD.

Richard Jarman, a professor of Chemistry and vice president of the faculty association at COD, about what the important issues were for students in the 2015 election. 

The Courier  talked to Chris Goergen, a professor of Political Science at COD and about what the important issues were for students in the 2015 election.


What is the Board Of Trustees?


  • “They are the primary board at the college, they can select and appoint the president, they make major financial decisions, they are really in charge,” Goergen says.

What does the Board of Trustees decide and what does that mean to me?

  • Tuition, which is currently $140 a credit hour for district residents, $327 a credit hour for out of district residents, $397 a credit hour for non-Illinois residents.
  • Work Conditions “They determine the pay of everyone from the President to the last janitor,” Goergen says.
  • Funding for student clubs
  • The amount of parking and transportation to and from school

Why is the 2015 election important?

  • With the resignation of President Breuder, this new Board decides the new President of the College.
  • “Many people are unhappy with Breuder’s payout and there has been a lot of scrutiny with this past board,” Goergen says. 

What are the issues with the Board Of Trustees?

As of recent, the Board has come under fire for its 6-1 approval to Breuder’s $762,000 buyout package but the current Board of Trustees is no stranger to controversy.

  • In the summer of 2014, the Board voted to censure Board of Trustee member Kathy Hamilton over her “inappropriate and embarrassing conduct.”
  • The Board has been accused of over-spending and lack of attention to student affairs.

Nancy Svoboda,Kim Savage, and Allison O’Donnell all have their seats open. However, Nancy Svoboda and Kim Savage are running for re-election.

Who is running?

Dan Bailey of Wheaton, Claire Ball of Addison, Charles Bernstein of Wheaton, Robert Buckley of Glen Ellyn, David Carlin of Naperville, Matt Gambs of Naperville, Roger Kempa of Darien, Deanne Marie Mazzochi of Elmhurst, Frank Napolitano of Bloomingdale, Sandra Pihos of Glen Ellyn, incumbent Nancy Svoboda of Downers Grove, incumbent Kim Savage of Darien, and Joseph M. Wozniak of Naperville.

Joseph M. Wozniak is the father of current Board Member Joseph C. Wozniak. 

Sandra Pihos is a former State Representative of Illinois.

Who can vote? 

Registered Voters who live in District 502.

What should students look for in candidates?

“ I would look for someone who keeps tuition in line and makes sure that their are high-quality faculty and staff and makes sure that when I graduate from this college it is worth something,” Goergen says.

Words of Encouragement

“These are low turnout elections, a few students rallying together could really make a difference,” Goergen says.

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Trustee election 101